Making technology natural

Most people would say that technology makes us less social. We don't talk together as much as we used to, tasks get automated and likes on Social Media is more important than having a happy life. I disagree. But instead of just pointing fingers and disagreeing, I created Laaven. A company with the focus of enhancing peoples lives through the help of technology. 


There is a long road ahead. A company ain't built overnight, and changing how we use technology is certainly not easy! But it's possible. The goal with Laaven is to put new ideas to life. We have already changed the way websites are developed and hosted. We have opped the design value of the sites, halved the cost and doubled on customer satisfaction. And we've done the same for film. Although we don't call them that; we call them stories. 


The story of Laaven is young, but the story behind our values are old. 

Our office space is at the farm I grew up at. In the house where my grandmother and grandfather lived. They did not know much about technology. They kept it simple, lived off of what the farm could give them. Did not own a car or a tractor. And these are the roots of Laaven. The simplicity. We want to connect you to nature through technology. We want to make simple solutions to difficult problems. We want to change the future.


Laaven, we make technology natural.

© 2018 by Laaven.

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