Connecting the dots

At the age of 11, I started saving. Saving all my birthday money, all the money I earned doing chores - everything! Because I had decided that when I turned 17, I were going to be a pilot.


Even though my father is a pilot and I'd grown up in the hangar, I still remember the day I first took off with an instructor. I remember my heart racing and my hands get a little sweaty while holding the controls - but I managed. For the months that followed, I got up at 5 am to practice theory before going to school. When I finished what I had to do for the class, I immediately started reading my theory books again, and when the bell rang - I took the first bus to the airport. All my time and focus were spent on flying.


Taking my pilot license showed me that anything is possible, as long as you work hard. One has to do things differently. Dear to dream. Dare to stay up late, get up early and to not do what everybody else does. And this way of thinking has been with me ever since.


I grew a lot while learning to fly. I did not only learn the essence of hard work, but I learned to take control and I learned to handle other peoples trust. When I took off alone for the first time, I learned to believe in my self.


After a couple of months, I decided to share my passion for flying on Instagram and to inspire others to follow their dream. Through Instagram, I've gotten to meet and work with a lot of amazing people and companies! Some of my long-time partnerships being with Red Bull and Douchebags.


Do you want to try to fly yourself? Send me a DM on Instagram, and we'll make it happen!



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