Hi! This is me (It's actually just a website. I'm a little more 3D in real life)

I believe that anyone can do anything. I believe in hard work, and that the only way to do great work, is to love what you do. One has to dare to get tired. Dare to freeze, be hurt, lonely, scared. Dare to be different -  cause when you're willing to put all your comforts aside, you'll be on your way to reaching your goals. 


After I got my pilot license, I decided to put my level of commitment to a test on other aspects of my life as well. What if I got up at 5 am every day? What if I tried to learn new skills all the time? Coding, filmmaking, editing, web design. All while still being in high school. The results surprised me. I had always loved school, and were a "straight A student" - but when I saw the possibilities and what skills I learned from studying by my self and working on what I loved - something changed. My grades and motivation in school did take a hit, but my motivation to follow my dream grew. I still remember the first month I earned more than my teacher. That was the changing point.


I started to spend more time developing apps, making websites and marketing myself on social media. I DM'd everyone asking if they wanted to come to fly with me. And do you know what? Very few people say no to a free flight. I recorded everything and shared it on Instagram. My Instagram never exploded, but I got about 5000 followers in a little under a year. Real followers. People who felt like they "knew" me. I then used Instagram as a marketing tool for promoting my work, and films. It got recognized by Norwegian companies and I got a job offer at Scandinavia's biggest TV production company right after I finished high school. Today I work for them while building my own company; Laaven.


And that brings us to today. I get up between 04-05 am every day. I don't drink, I don't party. I only work. I wake up with a desire to chase my dreams and reach my goals. And no matter if I make it or not, as long as I wake up with the same desire - I won't change my lifestyle.

© 2018 by Laaven.

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